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Thea Hickling is a contemporary artist based in Norfolk, UK. Her work is inspired by travels and journeys and created from memory as well as everyday experiences.

Her focus is on the environment around us and our perspective as being an observer as well as a participant.

These work is often focussed on large skies, clouds, horizons and seas that the diverse Norfolk coastline and the arable farmland have to offer.

Meet The Artist

Her Inspiration

Thea walks in the countryside daily and paints plain air or from one of her studios in mid rural Norfolk.

Thea had travelled widely and lived in many places, including Isles of Scilly, Suffolk, Cornwall, New Zealand, India, Maldives, Much of Europe to name a few.

Thea studied BA Honours Drawing at Falmouth School of Art, and specialises in drawing of various conventions. A self taught painter, she often uses drawing and painting combined to convey new and dynamic visual languages.

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Thea has worked and had work published for Royal Kew Gardens, London. Her drawings and paintings have been used for various mediums including music covers and fashion design.

Now as a professional artist, focusing on her journey with painting, her artworks depict simply our relationship with place, stillness and motion in large abstract seascapes and landscapes in oil paint and mixed media on canvas.

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